The Barock Pinto Studbook attaches great importance to animal welfare and unauthorized behavior towards the horses will not be tolerated. At the moment, there is a magnifying glass on the horse sector as far as animal welfare is concerned and everything is recorded nowadays. We understand the concerns of our fellow citizens and, of course, we also want the best for our animals.

That is why it has been decided to implement some new rules at inspections and other events of the Barock Pinto Studbook from 1 January 2023. We expect everyone to participate in this and we will also address owners if they do not comply.

-Burning her away is not allowed under any circumstances.

-Cutting or shaving of tactile hairs is not allowed. Think of nose and eye hairs. Long (beard) hairs at the bottom of the jaw may be removed.

-Cutting or shaving the ears is not allowed. However, the long, out-of-ear hairs may be removed.

-Cutting or shaving away the hairs on the tail root is not allowed.

-Horses under the age of three may not be brought with a bit.

-Nosebands should not be tied too tightly.

-Horses participating in a Barock Pinto Studbook event must be accustomed to having been 'in hands' and behaving as such. This is to prevent horses from appearing 'straight out of the pasture' in the track with all the stress that entails.

-Horses may only appear at events in good condition. This applies both to heavily emaciated animals and to horses that are too overweight. In addition, the hooves must be cared for, whether or not on hoof fittings.

-Owners of bearing mares are advised not to participate in an event when the mare is over half of her gestation.

-Unauthorized behavior may result in exclusion from an event. All jury or board members who are present at that time may come to this decision. Think, for example, of frequent whipping or heavy-handed pulling of the bit. Of course, we trust that this will never happen. ?